The Great British Bark Off 


I love to cook and bake and more so as I have two boys who love helping me in the kitchen. Now owing two Spaniels I had no reason why I couldn’t bake for them or even with them as Spaniels are always around where there is food. 

With my dogs Milly and Charlie being on Instagram I get to find all different companies and every now and then this company came up so I thought I would take a look as Milly’s 1st birthday was coming up. The company I’m talking about was set up by Alison and her Jack Russell Welly, she started baking treats for her dog and then she started to sell them to local hotels and cottages where dogs were allowed and now she has her treats in farm shops and a few pets shops near her but she also has her online shop When I took a looked I was faced with so many lovely sounding homemade biscuits, so of course I had to order a couple of bags of  which were freshly made to order. Then will scrolling down this is when I saw the “bake a bone” box and I thought this is definitely something I would like to do with Milly and Charlie. 

So ok Milly’s birthday was back in November and we have only just made the biscuits just due to myself being busy. 

So inside the box you receive two bags for flour and oat mix, two bags of dog chocolate (this was the box I picked other favours available) a bone shape cutter and a method card. 

So I washed my hands and got started all I needed to do was add two eggs. And like my boys Milly and Charlie were right by my side. I added the eggs and chocolate bits and mixed, once all mixed up I placed the dough on a floured kitchen surface and rolled out to the instructions on the method card. Then I used the bone cutter to cut out the biscuits 

Once all cut out I placed them in the oven for 20 minutes and the dogs never left the kitchen, even my husband asked what I was cooked as it smelled so good!! I was very tempted to offer him one once cooked but thought better of it as we have only been married 4 weeks!! After 20 minutes I took the biscuits out and left them to cool down which Charlie didn’t like as he just wanted to try them. After letting them cool and Milly and Charlie waiting so nicely I let them try them and what can I say they went down a treat. 

They are now in a air tight box to keep fresh and we still have the other bag so we can make more biscuits very soon. 

Go and check out Alison and Welly website they have some fantastic biscuits and I know will be making another order very soon as they have new flavours which I know Milly and Charlie would love to try.

Love Becki, Milly and Charlie 🐾🐾 xx

2 thoughts on “The Great British Bark Off 

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. So pleased you liked my blog. We did indeed and I will be placed another order very soon I like the sound of your Apple and mint biscuits.
      Becki, Milly and Charlie xxxx


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